Fbi commits sacrilege inside the Church



Fbi commits sacrilege inside the Church

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Fbi commits sacrilege inside the Church as I document today with the authorities there; understand please that, as I explained to the Padre, the fbi mentality and character is the same as those who tortured, nailed to the cross and slowly murdered JESUS.

I sent the message below to Bishop Daniel E. Flores, Catholic Diocese of Brownsville via Catholic Diocese of Brownsville:

To: info@cdob.org
from:geral sosbee

As a result of my work to expose murderous tyranny and high crimes by fbi/cia, the fbi sends agents & operatives to harass me
and my wife in many locations including the Basilica at 400 Virgen de San Juan Boulevard, San Juan, TX 78589. The fbi sent a female assassin into the Church to assault me and also spread calumny with the security on campus where we regularly visit. My wife is a devout Catholic.
We reported the illegal offenses today to a Padre, to Chief Suarez, and to Erin (assistant to Father Amador.

Thank you kindly for accepting this data FYI.


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Re: Fbi commits sacrilege inside the Church

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Re: Fbi commits sacrilege inside the Church


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Re: Fbi commits sacrilege inside the Church

Relies on upon your meaning of Christian. Write my essay paper. Most non-Catholic Christian divisions acknowledge Catholics as Christians. A not very many don't.




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